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Commercial gyms accept peoples money in exchange for using their building. Everything else is extra.

I don’t want to bash commercial gyms. They were a big part of my life growing up. I worked in them for 7 years and I managed one of the largest gyms in Arkansas. I learned a lot of lessons there, but as far as business goes…Commercial gyms accept a person’s money in exchange for using their building. Everything else is extra.

Sometimes I feel like i was on the “Dark Side of the Force” for that time.

Me and a my crew of minions (trainers) started to brainstorm. “There has to be a better way of doing this”

What if we could start a place that was different?

This place had to be focused bringing results for EVERYONE, it needed an atmosphere that built a community

It couldn’t be a commercial gym that focused on max profits at the expense of the members.

We decided we needed three things to do this.

  1. A training program that provided results and could be proven by science and factual data.
  2. We needed to address nutrition as a crucial and on-going factor in one’s fitness.
  3. It had to be fun.

It had to be fun, it couldn’t be another place where you walked in and parked on a machine for an hour while receiving the staring treatment from 3 sweaty dudes yelling a each others awesome set of pecs.


In July of 2011 I started to train people out of my garage.

Today we have grown to a community of people who love working out and have decided that easy machines at “Gimmeurmoney Fitness” are not enough.

I am glad to announce that we will be moving to 4500 sq ft of Facility to accommodate our growth. We are aiming to gain 100+ members within our first year. WLRCF  has all of you to thank for it.

From the Bottom of us..