5 minutes to work on shoulder monility 15 minutes work on gymnastics (handstands, kipping, muscle ups, pull ups ) Wod Run 800 meters then begin: :20 L-sit on plates :20 plank 10 toes 2 bar 13 minute Amrap Run 800...


SWOD Snatch technique and oh squat. Squat program people. Power snatch or power clean work. Practice technique. You must rest your legs Every min on the min for Max rounds. 1 thruster 95/65 10 burpees Add one thruster every minute until failure. Newbies- use an empty...


SWOD Deadlift-4×8 Keep good form at all times. Check with your coach if your back in tightening. Squat program people. Work on handstands. WOD 8 hand release push ups 8 chest to bar pull ups 8 wall ball shots 15 minute...


Strength: clean 5-4-3-2-1 Wod : Max rounds in 12 minutes 5x Ground to overhead (135/95#) 10x push-ups 15x Box jumps (24/20)


Wod “Something easy” 50 pull ups Run 200m 50 push ups Run 200m 50 reverse sit ups Run 200m 50 wall ball shots