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(No Measure)

8 minute skill workshop:



2-3 per group. Set timed interval to 60 seconds on/20 seconds rest. Switch every interval until each gran canaria webcams person completes 2 intervals. Aim to maintain 22 and 26 strokes per minute respectively.

Metcon (Weight)

EMOM x 10 minutes


1 http://spencerconst.com/aj/edward-norton-whos-dating/ Hang muscle snatch

1 Hang power snatch
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*Start light and slowly build to heavy complex for the day


1 Hang muscle snatch

1 Hang power snatch

1 Hang squat snatch

*Start at 50% black motorcycle dating sites Snatch 1-RM travel for singles best places and increase slowly each round as your form allows. Record heaviest complex.

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Partner WOD

14 Minute AMRAP:


15 Walking lunges

10 Wall balls

5 top 10 country singles Pull-ups

*1 person runs 200m and 1 person works on AMRAP. join free dating members match email Switch roles after the 200m run.


Overhead walking lunges with medball

C2B pull-ups

*1 person rows 250m and 1 person works on the AMRAP. Switch after every 250m row. For teams of 3, add a rest station in the rotation. Score is the total reps completed.