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There are 10+ CrossFit Gyms within driving distance of each other in my hometown.

If you lived here, that would mean there are experts literally all around you.

You can get the knowledge you need to make changes, no problem.

If you’ve struggled with losing weight or becoming more fit, I bet money that you’ve researched enough through online sources and your peers, that you’ve seen what you need to do, and probably already started on the right track. But you’re still not there. You’re still trying to make and keep those changes Why???


There are thousands of books and podcasts to day that repeat the same thing and most of the time…that thing works!

The Key is this: Who is keeping you accountable for the changes and outcome you deserve??

A friend is good, a professional with experience to work with your current situation is ideal.

Reach out to your local CrossFit box and ask: Is there a nutrition program here where I can get help on a regular basis? Nutrition coaching is growing because people are waking up to the truth that coaching > knowledge and self-accountability.