In Workout of the Day

New Strength starts this week!

Hit all three of the following before sunday 7/14/13

A.)  back or front squat 4×9 @70%

B.)  strict press 5×5 @ 70% “Core-tight, butt-tight!”

C.) deadlift 4×5 @ 80%

* if you have not completed CF total, do so and complete the strength with your % based off of your CF total lifts.


10:00 warm up

20:00 strength


5:00 cool down of rowing or turkish get up practice



“little brown rhinos”


OH Squat 115/75

Toes to Bar


Scaling :

OH Squat -> Front Squat -> OH squat with weighted pipe or pvc

Toes to bar-> Chest to knees sit up (no arm throw)->Knees to elbow ->reverse sit up (straight leg lift)




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