At WLRCF, we feel those who have energy, drive, and a passion for people will make the best addition to our family.  Below is a list of opportunities here at WLRCF. 



This is PAID position for anyone who is interested in becoming a CrossFit Coach. We understand all coaches start somewhere, and some of the best CrossFit coaches to come, have yet to coach a class.   If you are already comfortable in front of a small group of people, we can take you the rest of the way. As a  “Intern” you will be shadowing with a CrossFit Coach  through our Internship program. You will be learning the coaching techniques, terminology, and class organization and structure that we maintain here at WLRCF. This program lasts 2- 4 weeks depending on the individual’s progress.

  • Professional Coaching to continue your growth as a coach and as an athlete.
  • Credit Hours for related programs of study.
  • Financial Assistance for the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate + Specialty certificates.
  • Comped membership
  • Competitive Pay


This is a PAID position and requires an educated, and energetic person.  You must have or plan to obtain your CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. Prior coaching experience is preferred, but is not a requirement. (see CrossFit Coach Intern). We are always looking for new coaches who are passionate about creating community while teaching and inspiring others.  Please contact us in person or with your resume using the form below.


  • Learn from Professionals with:
    • Cf-L2 Certification
    • Level 1 Seminar Interning Experience
    • Regional Judging,Management, and Leadership Team Experience
    • Granite Games Leadership Team Experience
  • Competitive Pay
  • Continuing Education Assistance
  • Comped membership for coach and 1 designated member.
  • Profit-Sharing forPersonal Training and Coach-implemented programs.
  • Professional Coaching to continue your growth as a coach and as an athlete.

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Come in and meet our coaches and we’ll tell you how we can help you meet your goals!