1. Take a Free Foundations Class

A free foundations class is the first step in deciding whether CrossFit is right for you. You don’t need to “get in shape” to attend a free intro class. We’ve created them to be friendly and accessible for any fitness level. You can register for a class by using the form below, then simply show up. We have lockers, showers and changing rooms for your use.

2. Sign Up

To keep going after your Free Class, join West Little Rock CrossFit! Our pricing is fair, simple, and straightforward:

3. Complete the Foundations Course

Our Free Foundations class is actually Class 1 of our 5 class Foundations series, which teaches the basics of CrossFit in a fun, friendly and safe environment. Once you’ve signed up as a member, you can complete the other four Foundations classes. You’re welcome to repeat any of those classes as often as you’d like. We recommend completing them roughly in order, though it’s okay to jump around a bit if you need.

4. Hit the WOD

Once you’ve taken all six Elements classes, talk to our coaches, so they can set you up to take regular WOD (or Workout of the Day) classes.

If you are transplanting from another CrossFit affiliate, and have completed a comparable level of CrossFit-specific training, you may be able to skip Elements. Please email us to let us know about your background, or come in to speak with us.

Why West Little Rock CrossFit:

  1. We eat, sleep, and breathe CrossFit, this is what we do and have been doing for years.
  2. Our staff undergo a rigorous certification process and internship in order to provide you with the best coaching.
  3. We have a community of fun-loving, down to earth and hilarious members. Each day at our facility is a new and fun challenge.

What are you waiting for? Give us a shout or drop by to get started!

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