Monday, June 16th

 In Workout of the Day

Main – WOD

(No Measure)

Jumping split lunges-
3 x 45 second max reps

Rx =
No weights

*1 minute rest between each round. Use ab mat or black pad if you have knee pain.

Cinderemix (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

14 Minute AMRAP:
5 Air Squats
10 Pull-ups
15 Push-ups

Cash Out

Weighted step-up with Medball/plate overhead:
3 x 8 with each leg

Rx =

*Increase weight as needed. Lower height of step instead of doing it without barbell if you are not able to step-up on Rx height.

Jeff founded West Little Rock CrossFit in 2012. He has a background in personal training, sports team training, and nutrition coaching, with an education in exercise science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He enjoys long walks on the beach and is the proud father of two rescue dogs.
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