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1275113_10200803437741470_611908398_oHow much do you, or would you pay for QUALITY group personal training?  Because that is what WLRCF is.

Every day is a personal training session.  You will be motivated past what you would do on your own, and you will be reigned in if your form and technique starts to slip.

We recommend selecting a time to come workout on a regular basis. This promotes a friendship within the group of your normal class time and keeps your workouts congruent with your normal schedule.




CrossFit 101 (2 weeks)

$99 -or- Free with a 6-month Membership

*An intense 2 weeks of learning and working out CrossFit style to introduce you to our training, intensity, recovery and nutrition methods.

3 X Week Memberships:

Annual- 99.99/mo

Bi-annual- $119.99/mo

Quarterly- $129.99/mo


Unlimited memberships:

Annual- $119.99/mo

Bi-annual- $129.99/mo

Quarterly- $ 149.99/mo



* Healthcare Professionals and Students – 20% off

*Active Military and First Responder $75/mo

* Family Members- $79/mo

* Childcare is offered at the 7:15, 11:00, 12:00, 4:00, and 5:15 hours

Ages 2 and up  ($5.00/hr)

ages 6 weeks- 2 yrs ($10.00/hr)

 CrossFit 101

CrossFit 101 is a two week course that we do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:15 AM and 7:30 PM.  These classes will allow for you to become more comfortable with many of the moves we do on a regular basis.  Each day of CrossFit 101 something new is covered in order to cover as much material as possible.  This course is for your benefit.  If you feel as though it is not needed, you can always meet with a trainer and see if you can test CrossFit out.  Moves that you will need to show an understanding of are the Jerk, Deadlift, Press, Clean, Oly Front Squat, Kipping Pullup, and Kettle Bell Swings.  Beginning on April 1st, all new athletes to the gym will be asked to pay a fee of 100 dollars for the CrossFit 101 Course.  This is prior to and aside from the monthly fee.  (Monthly dues will begin after CrossFit 101 is completed)  If you are unable to make the offered times then you must contact a trainer to meet at another time of your choosing.  The added cost of the private CrossFit 101 sessions are 40 dollars an hour.

You also have the option of just ‘checking out’ the gym at any or our regular sessions. Once you decide or not if the program is for you however, we do want you to make the CrossFit 101 course a priority.  CrossFit 101 is mandatory:) For your safety and success.


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