Peter LaboniCoach

    Somewhere around the age of 12 I was very obese, weighing about 170-180lbs.19875408_485795051769550_4131886895217708569_n I had high cholesterol, high sugar levels, asthma, etc. Clearly something had to change, and change fast. Throughout the years I dabbled in many areas of fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, sports, martial arts, etc. CrossFit was something people in the gym started to talk about and make fun of. Obviously i was unsure of the CrossFit lifestyle just like everyone, so I stayed away. However, I acquired a pretty bad knee injury due to fighting and powerlifting. After some time off I decided to do something different, less time consuming and less injury induced. So I turned to CrossFit, naturally. Once I drank the juice I fell in love and trained many of my friends and slowly falling in love with training people. But it was a hobby for quite a long time, took up many other careers in my time..but still coaching people. About 6 years ago I was very fortunate to help in the startup of 2 CrossFit gyms and turned a lot people into strong and fit individuals. Ever since then I strongly believe, CrossFit can change many peoples lives for the better, in many different ways.