Wednesday, July 2nd

 In Workout of the Day

Main – WOD

(No Measure)

Accumulate 20 depth jumps:
Start by standing on a 20” box, then step off and, after landing, immediately jump to a second box.

2nd box height:
Rx =
*We can increase the height in subsequent weeks. Use this time as skill work

WLR “DT” (Time)

5 RFT:
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks
Rx =
50% Hang Power Clean 1RM

Time Cap = 15:00

Cash Out

Accumulate 20 jump squats with empty barbell. Start by standing upright with barbell on back. Lower to a quarter squat position and explosively jump vertically, landing in the bottom of the squat (hips below parallel).
*Scale with PVC pipe if needed.

Jeff founded West Little Rock CrossFit in 2012. He has a background in personal training, sports team training, and nutrition coaching, with an education in exercise science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He enjoys long walks on the beach and is the proud father of two rescue dogs.
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