02/26/2015 Happy Birthday Eric!


(WLRCF) Clean Prep (No Measure)

Using PVC:

10 Front squats -Pause at bottom

10 Press from bottom of front squat

5 Power Cleans from mid-thigh

5 Power Cleans *pull to mid-thigh from the knee

5 Cleans from mid-thigh into full squats

5 Cleans from mid-shin into full squats

-Repeat using an empty barbell

(No Measure)

2” deficit HSPU negatives with spotter if needed- 8×1.

*Go as slow as you can on the descent (ideal is 6-8 seconds). Use 1+ ab mats and no deficit from box if apprehensive.

Metcon (Weight)

-Every 90 seconds for 12 minutes (8 rounds and 16 reps total):

Perform 2 Hang cleans with 5 second hold in the bottom position of each rep.

*Add 5-10 pounds from load used on 02/20/2015

The Ghost of Eric Wyles (Time)

Partner Wod

150 Burpees for time while one partner holds the rack position @ 135/95.

*both partners run 500m every 5 minutes.


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