2017 Advanced Theory Course Application

Coaches at WLRCF are some of the most highly-educated in the field.

We are committed to lifelong learning and sharing knowledge. Every time your coach explains WHY we’re doing a particular workout, your own learning curve goes up. We often insist that many of our members know more about fitness than most local Personal Trainers. Go ahead and test the theory.

The science behind our coaching is usually revealed only to our coaches. There’s a rhyme and reason to everything we do. But some members would like to know MORE, and we can’t blame them.

We will begin offering an Advanced Theory Course every year.

We used to call this our “Internship Program,” because it was limited to those who wanted to (someday) coach with us. NOW we’re opening the doors to anyone who would like to see the other side of the whiteboard: the programming, the relevant science, building community, and speaking in front of a large group.

Registration: FREE. Limited spaces.

Cost: Time. Please be prepared to commit to every Saturday morning for 4 weeks, as well as several online video components and several classes/week for the following 4 weeks. Additional homework (reading, writing presentations) will be assigned, and weekly assessments done with video review. Don’t like public speaking? No problem, but this probably isn’t for you.

Here’s a sample of the video material: https://vimeo.com/216844403

While the Advanced Theory Course is a prerequisite for future coaches, it’s not the only one. There’s no promise of work after the ATC. The purpose of the Advanced Theory Course is simply to shine more light for those interested.

Interested? Fill out our application here to learn more.

Loading…Example section from syllabus:

Phases: virtuosity, consistency,

and intensity.

Part 1 Virtuosity

Phase I – Accumulation of Knowledge

Length: Four Weeks.

Classroom time:

  • 2 hours/week (lead by head coach)

Training Time:

  • 2-4 hours/week with other interns. No coach, just the group

meeting to train together.


  • Read “How To Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale


  • Choose a second book from a list of ten. Study and prepare to

teach to other interns.

Phase II – Consistency

Length: Four Weeks.

Classroom time:

  • 2 hours/week (led by a rotation of interns presenting material as

chosen in Phase I.)

Training Time:

  • 4 hours/week with other interns. Rotating coaching duties (Chris

coaches Monday, Clay coaches Tuesday, etc.) The intern

leading the group is recorded; video is uploaded to a private

Facebook group for positive comments only.


  • Continuing study from list of ten sources and video from

trusted online sources.

Phase 2 and 3: In-class only.


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