Hit all three of the following by 7/29/13

A.)  back or front squat 7×5 @ 80%
B.)  push/split Jerk  5×4 @ 130% of strict press “Core-tight, butt-tight!”

C.) Deadlift 4×5 @80%

* if you have not completed CF total, do so and complete the strength with your % based off of your CF total lifts.



100 Pull ups

100 push ups

100 sit ups

100 squats

for time


Juka”s WOD

A) 8:00 emom

2 DB Snatches (per casino jameshallison arm) 60# 45#

2 burpees

*add 2 reps to each move for every minute. Score is highest round completed.

B) Tabata 4:00 of 300lb tire flips

C) 5 rounds of 20 GHD sit ups

1:1 rest  until you reach 100 sit ups


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