A Great Body Won’t Happen For Everyone.

But will it happen for you?

The answer that earns me zero money is “it depends.”

Even if you were a healthy, active kid, a great body won’t happen. Even if you read every diet book in existence (dear God, shoot me), a great body won’t happen. Even if you hire me, I can’t guarantee that a great body will happen.

At least not forever.

There’s only one way to tell if a great body will happen for you.

Do you live consciously and choose to be an example of what you want? If the answer is a yes, then that great body is coming, my friend.

Do you visualize what a great body is for YOU instead of others, what it will do for you, then, instead of what it can’t do now, and why it’s so important? It’s coming for you.

Do you accept that you already own that great body (because you do) and reveal it by changing over time? Or do you act out an old pattern from your past?

Finally, when you catch yourself in that old pattern, will you beat yourself up? Or will you forgive your mistake, forget the anger, and flood yourself with all the good you’ve already done and are doing right now to make things better?

Basically, are you acting like the person that will take you out of here? Or the one that brought you here?

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