A Short One Today

A metabolic issue can be a belief issue in disguise. 

To master any change we make, we need to move through 3 levels of mastery. 

  1. Understand it. We get how something, or a lack of something, affects us. 
  2. Feel it. We need the fear of a future of continuing not to make this change OR the excitement of making this change. 
  3. Physically embody it. We master change through small habits that yield significant changes over time. Small changes become who we are. Routine actions form a hopeful concept into an identity.

Most of us get stuck at the second step. NOT step three. 

We’re pretty dope at coming up with a million things we can do to be better, listing them out, planning a schedule, and making a great change plan. 

But we don’t follow through.

What’s missing for most of us is emotion.

If I can convince you that you shouldn’t change, then you dont have a “why” that’s compelling enough. 

So to fix that, you’d turn all your electronics off, sit down and visualize the future. 

What’s it look like if you keep acting on this bad or unwanted habit for three more years? 

What do you look like? 

How do you feel about yourself? 

Who have you hurt? 

Take a second; really feel and describe and define how you feel.

What’s the weight of all that feel like? 


Okay, now, 

Visualize the future where you changed starting today. You kept messing up. All of us do! But you managed to change and learn a way that worked for you to kill the habits that were holding you back. 

Now, Ask all those same questions. 

How do you feel now? 

That’s real. That feeling is as R-E-A-L as it gets. It’s just not embodied yet. 

All that’s left to do is embody these changes and make a simple map to follow. 

It’s rarely the map’s fault if we get lost. We get lost because our why is not compelling enough! Because with enough emotion, we can overcome any level of lost we find ourselves in. 


If you struggle over and over again with something, or if you can’t get yourself into that emotional supercharged state to really come out swinging at your goals. Then reach out to me. 

Unlike my text messages, I reply to all my emails.


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