Ask Me Anything: How do I eat Healthy When I Don’t Like Healthy Food?

I know I need to stay on track.  I even have healthy food in the fridge at home but I just don’t want it. I crave sweets and don’t have the willpower late in the day. My kid eats an oreo and I eat 10. I feel like I wasted the whole day and then spend 3 days trying to make up for it! #fail How do I actually eat healthy when I don’t want healthy food?

1) You need accountability.

2) You need accountability.

Book a goal session with me and I’ll call you every week, and text “I SEE YOU!” to you randomly at night.
That’s the best option. Get accountability from someone qualified to give guidance. BUT…

I don’t believe you need to pay for advice, and that’s the whole point of this AMA, (Free advice) so here is my advice.

Don’t look at two different foods as healthy or unhealthy. They all can be healthy depending on how you use them!

Instead, look at two versions of yourself as healthy and unhealthy.

There are two of you in that vehicle named {insert your name here}. One will choose what will make you feel better tomorrow or next week or next month. (the healthy you)
The other will choose what will make you feel better now but won’t lead you where you want to go. It will keep you stuck here, where you are now. (the unhealthy you)

When you get that feeling of guilt for what you are about to do, ask yourself: “Which me am I letting choose? The healthy me? or the unhealthy me?”
Then choose.

Each time you choose from that healthy/unhealthy place, it will be easier to choose from next time.

If you still experience difficulty, may I suggest half and half? Make a bargain with yourself. If healthy me gets 1/2 of this next meal, then I ‘ll let unhealthy me out to play for the second half. If I have my turkey and salad, then I can have 3 Oreos (instead of 10).  *p.s. My spellcheck doesn’t recognize “oreos” as a real word, THE BLASPHEMY.

If I choose healthy for 3 days straight, Unhealthy can have run of the town for a whole meal (or maybe even two).

P.S. We all “mess up” like this. I included.
Don’t worry if your practice doesn’t look like what a book or your macro plan tells you it should look like. It won’t be perfect. It’s ok and even good that it isn’t 100% on point.
Perfect is the lowest standard there is because it doesn’t exist. It’s a way to beat ourselves up for not being good enough, and nothing more. Get off of perfect. That train goes nowhere.

You’re doing better than you think.



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