Big Problem With Weigh-Ins.

This morning, I lost 3 lbs. But there’s a huge problem.

I’ve been cleaning up my food and working out regularly for three weeks.

I’ve been feeling great, sleeping better, and overall much happier.

I’ve even noticed leaner shoulders and a bicep vein peeking through.

But alas, It’s not true after all.

All this work had been for nothing.

I haven’t been feeling better; it was a lie.

My shoulders are not leaner; I’m delusional.

Because today, when I got on the scale, it showed that I was down three lbs, but I was up by 0.4% body fat.

The world is ending.

I’m fairly certain the sky is red and full of comets, signaling the end times.

Or maybe the scale is just wrong today.

MAYBE, it’s not sh*t to do with the scale, bruv.

MAYBE I’m relying on outside sources to control my mood for me, to tell me how to feel, to make the decision to quit for me.

Maybe I do this because subconsciously, I don’t know how to be patient. I don’t know how to work for an outcome that won’t instantly manifest itself.

Hi, I’m an anxious/ambivalent person, and that means the only thing worse for me than death is a life where I waste time and energy.

That means decisions can paralyze me, so I export the decision to invest or withdraw onto someone or anything else.

The scale.

The mirror.

The row of berry bushes I planted months ago, feast thine eyes upon it; behold, it is barren.

So, when the payoff isn’t obvious, I withdraw effort, and the cycle of starting/stopping continues into the next year.

I’ve been there, trust me.

I know you think I have not been you, that I’ve been fit my whole life and have so much going for me.

I’m not fit because I know the formula.

I’m fit because I understand that the vast complexity, distractions, horrors, and beautiful moments of life make fitness seem more like a luxury than a gift rightfully ours for the taking.

This is where a healthy dose of someone saying, “The result WILL COME. This is where you are now, accept it. What do you want to do about it? Now, Can the cray, and let’s get back to building a body and life you’re proud of. You’ll thank me in a week.” can make all the difference.

Get a coach and leverage them.


Scream, Aim, Fire.

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