Onions and Barriers

Buying a treadmill or a yoga mat is not a waste of money. It’s a real effort to create an environment we can succeed in. …

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When is Leg Day?

When is Leg day? Technically, every day and never.  Because the body doesn’t see “leg day” vs “back and bi’s day” or “chest and tri’s …

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Burn Bright

Why are you doing any of this? You don’t have to.  But there’s some ember in you needing to be fanned if you still read …

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Give It Arches

If Sysiphus got a rock, I got buckets of water.  We used to carry water away from a stream in buckets, use the water, then need to …

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The Cake

“If you want to know how to work with new or limited resources, find a population that’s used to not having many alternatives.” -Seth Godin …

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Michael Jordan’s Last Dance

The Last Dance is a miniseries from a film crew that had an all-access pass to the Chicago Bulls (thus, Michael Jordan) during the 97-98 NBA …

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I Want to be This Rich.

As kids, a lot of us thought about what we would buy or do if we were wealthy.“I’d by a theme park and let my …

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Stop Hiding It

Winning with a new workout or diet is simpler than we think, but harder than we think. The level of “hard” is directly related to …

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What if P90X had It Right?

What if P90X had it right? Well, at least some parts. P90X gave people fitness and took away three issues they were facing: Time. You …

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