First, it’s not that you’re not overwhelmed. Your body would shut down, and you would die if you were. You only feel overwhelmed, which is …

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Get Ratchet

Why do some people succeed in market crashes? Why do some people get dumped and turn that negative energy into vibrance and health? Why do …

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This Year

Was this year not your best? Did you slip on some commitments?  Stagnate on something you swore progress on?  Maybe some shit happened. Perhaps not …

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“Who Needs a Job Anyway?” The Conclusion.

“Who needs a job anyway?” Well, probably people who want to eat. “You got me there,” I said, pointing finger-guns at the mirror since I …

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How Mark Changed My Life

Mark just looked like a success. He was 6 feet tall, in his forties, with neatly trimmed dark hair and salt & pepper goatee at …

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A Bomb Went Off at my High School.

And everyone ran except for me. Here’s what happened. I was shooting 0 for 3 when picking high school friends. One day, in the courtyard …

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Should you take them? Are they dangerous? Where does Jeff stand on the issue? Most people who think about taking juice do the same thing. …

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The New Drug, Airplane Mode.

If you could free yourself from your anxiety, would you do it? What if it meant you had to cut off everyone? I mean everyone. …

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I Auditioned… The Finale

So, where was I? Oh yeah… I walked out of the theater with two things on my mind. One, where do I get a headshot? …

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I Auditioned for a Broadway Musical with ZERO experience. 

Here’s what happened. Real quick before we start. If you don’t personally know me, I’ll talk to anyone, and I don’t have stage fright. I’ve …

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