Reason One (of Twelve) People Don’t Stay In Shape

You haven’t set your aim. “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars, suffocating in space, because there’s no oxygen.” …

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What A Deal

Today only! Get half off of your stress by choosing your concerns. And that’s a great deal. Because arguing with someone whose mind is made …

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How I Saved The World.

“You’re gym saved my life.” When I heard that, I thought about reducing medications and preventing diseases like diabetes and heart disease. But I was …

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“I Can’t do That Workout.”

Is this you? You got all of your workouts in for the week. You even did some extra running since the weather was so nice, …

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May the Circle Become Broken

Don’t chase non-believers. Find the believers and go to them. More specifically, find the people who believe you can be more than you are, because …

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Why You Hate Some Moves. Mainly Burpees.

The beef that people have with doing burpees isn’t about being on the ground or the movement itself. Its how it makes you feel. Its …

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We’re More Like A Bar

I walked into my first bar when I was seventeen. “He’s with me.” My friend Randy hollered at the mountain of a guy checking IDs …

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Fix The Thinking. “Not Doing Things.”

There’s an inherent risk in doing things, but there’s a guaranteed risk in “not doing things.” Not waking up early.Not respecting ourselves with food choices.Not …

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Have a Giggle

Have a giggle.⁠⁠The workouts can be hard, but there’s an atmosphere of camaraderie to push you through. In the end, the only contagions floating around …

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Why We Can’t Stop Quitting.

You can do complex workouts, but simple often works better. ⁠Why?⁠You won’t need years of experience or education in exercise. You won’t need to account …

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