The Ultimate CrossFit Gift Guide

What do you give a CrossFitter? It’s the question that thousands of people asked last year. CrossFit is a culture of active people doing workouts …

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Win or Lose, You Lose.

Seth Godin Spoke at the last Summit we hosted here in Little Rock.  To quote him: “An attitude of entitlement doesn’t increase the chances you’ll get what …

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No Pain, No Gain.

When I grew up, working out was “no pain, no gain.” My parents and yours accepted that rule completely. It was the law, and if …

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Why Coaching?

When I started doing CrossFit, (A long long time ago, in a galaxy next door) I would spend hours on forums like T-Nation and Elite …

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Boring Things

Boring Things: Early wake-ups Water Salads Me Exciting Things: PR posts on Instagram Holographic labels Promises Shortcuts Both create movement but towards separate outcomes.

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Change is Triggered.

We know that feeling. When we look in the mirror and notice we’re looking particularly “something” today. It motivates us to make more of that …

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Make It Simpler

“How do I make changes last when everything else I’ve tried hasn’t?” It’s a complicated question that some people spend years trying to solve. But …

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Time for a “Habit Renovation”

If you want your house to serve you better, you don’t have to tear it down. Then you would be a hobo like me. You …

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You’re Missing Everything.

Yesterday, I posted this photo of how to draw an owl. It’s comical because everyone can draw the two ovals in step one. Almost nobody …

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Skill > Talent

Because it’s not that “some of us pick things up easier than others.” It’s that “all of us pick some things up faster than others.” …

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