What to do When You’re Getting Your Ass Kicked.

What to do when you’re getting your ass kicked. Fights have never been fun for me, but I’ve been able to get through each fight, …

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Why You Can’t Eat the Same Thing Over Again.

Why do we “need variety” in our food? Because we need variety in our lives, and if food is the primary way you get variety, you …

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Don’t Die For Five Minutes

“Your only goal in this right now is to survive for 5 minutes.” Then, with your feet bound and hands tied behind your back, you’re …

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Mel Robbins Talks About Trees

I listened to a Mel Robbins Podcast in which she talks about trees letting go of their leaves for fall. It wasn’t a bad listen, …

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Muder Raisins

This isn’t linear.  Your decisions are dynamic. Your feelings are dynamic. Your strength is dynamic. Your progress is dynamic.  All that matters is marching up the …

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This Post is About You

Big Pharma isn’t trying to trick you out of health and into perpetual sickness.  Supplement sellers aren’t out to confuse you.  They make a product, …

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The Five Principles

This weeks blog as one post for those who like to catch up. So There I Was, BBQ Sauce All Over My Titties. I’ve been …

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Finally, Forgive Yourself A Little.

If, seven years ago, you messed something up big. Like REAL big…like DINOSAUR, and you consider that the human body replaces all of its cells …

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Your Standards Determine Your Happiness.

When a business owner brings me a tough decision they’re facing, My favorite question to them is, “What do you deserve?” It’s all the important …

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Most Folks Don’t Care. The Rest Want You Happy.

Principle# 3 Most people don’t care. The rest want you to be happy/successful.  Social media convinced us all that we have an audience. That every …

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