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I Used to be in a lot of Pain

“I used to be in a lot of pain.”⁠⁠That’s something I’ve wanted to be able to truthfully say for a while but couldn’t. ⁠⁠What got …

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Free Cookies At Work

I was doing good. I woke up on time, ate decent that morning, and drank water… and there they were. Work provides Subway cookies in …

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Each member (“Member”) of West Little Rock CrossFit (“WLRCF”) shall receive instruction in group exercise classes and / or introduction session(s) (the “Classes”) supervised by …

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This Old Box.

This old box has a lot of wear, which is the proper way to be an old box.  It’s been jumped on thousands of times. …

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A Wish for a Broken Wrist.

Your night-time dreams pull material from your memories.  Good memories can mean good dreams.  Bad memories can mean bad sleep.  The point of memory is …

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Good Thing You’re Not a Dreamer.

The entitled are complainers, and complainers are dreamers.  So what’s wrong with dreaming? Nothing. The ability to dream is an essential trait for doers, movers, …

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The Ultimate CrossFit Gift Guide

What do you give a CrossFitter? It’s the question that thousands of people asked last year. CrossFit is a culture of active people doing workouts …

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Win or Lose, You Lose.

Seth Godin Spoke at the last Summit we hosted here in Little Rock.  To quote him: “An attitude of entitlement doesn’t increase the chances you’ll get what …

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No Pain, No Gain.

When I grew up, working out was “no pain, no gain.” My parents and yours accepted that rule completely. It was the law, and if …

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