Less than One Minute

A little is better than nothing. And maybe better than a lot. Right now, I have five minutes before putting on warm clothes and my …

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Take My Money

Lie: Health is expensive. Truth: The cost has nothing to do with money. People who’ve trekked out of sickness don’t cite money as the biggest …

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The One-Armed CrossFitter

Logan Aldridge has one arm, and could probably beat me in a hugging competition. Because you don’t need two arms to do anything. You need …

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A Quick Bit of Fitness B.S.

Why you can’t have the body you want – You believe a bunch of B.S. Here’s a super short example to prove it. Let’s start …

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Happy New Year. You’re Negative.

Happy New Year! You’re wired to be negative. But that’s because you’re a human. Humans have to experience positivity, it gives us the strength to …

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Will This Hurt You?

My golfers used to throw their back out golfing. It wasn’t golf that hurt them. Their body is a robust, millions of years-old machine that …

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Forget About “Staying On-Track”

Forget about staying on track. Because train wrecks still happen.  We say we’re “on track” but what we mean is we’re “on schedule.” That works …

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The Girl Scouts handed the monster a cookie and said “The first one’s on us.” From then on, he was a fiend. He became “Cookie …

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I Wish You’d Gamble

My first professional mentor cost $2500 for six weeks, and I didn’t have the money to pay him.  His name is Chris. I had followed …

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Guru, Hack, Expert.

There are three people who want to help you.  A guru will ask you questions. Then, You’ll reveal the answers that you originally came to him …

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