“The Thing” Us Gym-Goers Are Experiencing.

As millions of gym-goers are looking for something new to work up a sweat, some are turning to something old. Many of us did “something” …

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Nutrition Plans & Cigarettes

Many of us start a new eating program because we feel like what we’re doing now (and the program we did before) doesn’t work. Just …

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I’ve Sworn an Oath of Solitude Until the Pestilence is Purged From These Lands.

We’re vulnerable to our own perceptions. Anne Frank spent two years in an attic and with her family to avoid behind captured by the nazis. …

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The Story Behind “FULL YARD-SALE!”

I learned “Full Yard Sale!” while I was skiing in Taos, NM. When a skier or snowboarder eats it on the slopes and loses all …

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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Hey, Fam! There is a lot of Corona talk in the news. I wanted to know that we’re on top of it at WLRCF. I …

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How to Have a Blast at CrossFit Competitions – Step 2/3: Prepare

Training The good news is, you’ve already done 90% of the training that will affect your performance. The bad news? You’ve already done 90% of …

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Coronavirus at CrossFit Gyms

I’m sure you have some knowledge of Coronavirus, so I will spare the non-useful stuff and give you the basic need to know about Coronavirus …

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What I Learned From Running the Largest CrossFit Competitions.

I’ve run a lot of my own competitions, but I’ve also done them as a professional. While the differences vary greatly between amateur and pro-level …

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Training Win: Moving an Athlete From High-Bar Back Squat to Low-Bar Back Squat for Hip Pain

Training Win: During back squats the other day, I had Jacob, (an experienced athlete with hip flexor pain and an anatomically shallow ROM in the …

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