Burn Bright

Why are you doing any of this?

You don’t have to. 

But there’s some ember in you needing to be fanned if you still read these emails.

Fires need lots of air, and fuel, and in the right amounts. Embers, on the other hand, need very little of either. They’ll glow silently for a long time. 

Until you give it air. 

Then, it wakes up.

 Adding more air and some kindling as fuel will feed it just enough life until it leaps to the kindling and begins the process of a burn. Then it’s alive and moving fast. It’ll grow and unfold and ask for more. “Give me! Give me!” So you do. The more fuel you give it, the wilder the whirlwind becomes. You’ll have a raging wildfire, burning bright, visible from space. 

You created that whirlwind. That’s your wildfire, you little arsonist.

The wildfire and the ember are one and the same.  

*Only some fuel required.


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