We Cant Help You. “Thats Our Policy”

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am. Not because I like getting up this early. I’m driving to a clients workplace to train her at 6:30 am today.

I drink my coffee, read my book, and row 1000m to wake myself up as best I could. I feed the dogs and let them do their business outside, then I head out the front door and start my drive.

Rupal has trained with me for years and lately, she has been caught at work so much that she is not making it to appointments regularly. She is a pediatric ICU doctor at. The lives of little ones literally depend on her working long hours. If anyone has an excuse for late cancellations, it’s her.

Normally, in this industry. If you cancel within a 4-hour window of your appointment, you’re charged, and any question you raise is met with “that’s the gym’s policy”.

Have you ever heard “that’s the policy”?

That approach may ensure the gym is paid, but it doesn’t present a solution.

Rupal: I’m gonna be stuck at work all week except for Monday. I won’t make it to any other sessions this next week.
Me: When are your shifts? Am I allowed at your work gym? Do they have a shower there?…
Looks like we are going to workout at your work before your shift 2x this week!

Her food has been less than great as of late. So now, she sends me a screenshot of her food intake on a tracking app each night and we do a body composition scan every 2 weeks to check progress.

This doesn’t mean that I discount myself, or spend more time for the same amount. Travel time and expenses are included in her personal training program with me.

Her workplace has 4 fitness professionals, a wellness director on staff, 2 gyms, and a million dollars to throw at the health problem. But people don’t need those things to know they are getting the best service for themselves. They need a solution that works.

I don’t have fancy equipment or the latest technology. But I will show up at her work, throw a heart-rate monitor on her, and make her do lunges and burpees at 6:30 am before she starts her day. That’s why she will pay 100x more for me than what it costs to take part in their health program.

They need someone who will show up, hold them accountable to the plan, and make sure they get where they’re wanting to go.


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