Change is Triggered.

We know that feeling.

When we look in the mirror and notice we’re looking particularly “something” today. It motivates us to make more of that feeling. To double down on the work we’ve been putting in.

But how do you set yourself up for that first moment? What triggers you to do the work? Are you tired of feeling one way? Are drawn to something you want?

Either way, we have to trust ourselves to create the change we want to see. Not agree to work on it after it arrives.

Set a trigger. Guitarists tune their guitar before playing. Pianists run their hands across the keys before performing. Write “I’m coming for ____” or “I’m correcting __ today” on a post-it note and place it on your mirror.

It’s not a reminder. It’s a trigger.

Chatter down, Narrative off, time to do the work.

**I put a post-it note on my computer screen for thirty days to get through my first month of being alcohol-free.


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