Commitment Creates Momentum

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. More importantly, motion in one direction tends to continue in that direction. If you skip the water and a decent breakfast, you’ll probably make more poor decisions throughout the day, and vice versa. 

But none of this matters without commitment. We have to invest in ourselves inside of our mind before we do it in the real world. We know this, but don’t do it. Why won’t we just take our damn medicine?

Committing is slang for investing, and investing means risk. We don’t know the outcome, and we won’t be the fool who put in all the work to fail in the end, but that’s exactly what we should aim for. That feeling indicates a good bet, one with enough meaning to matter and enough risk to ensure a worthy payoff. Since we don’t know the outcome, the risk and the investment look endless, so we remain stuck. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, and there’s proof around us in every abused child who became an amazing parent, every dying addict who now lives to help others find freedom. It’s more than possible that you will win if you commit and start. So here’s what you do.

  • You commit to the first action, the first step in the process. 

After you commit and act, your resolve builds, and you’re a stronger position to say “yes!” to the next right thing or “no!” to the next wrong one. This repeats and becomes the direction you’re heading in. Don’t obsess over the whole journey; look at the step directly ahead of you and just win that.

This morning there was a spectacular sunrise outside my window. I love admiring a sunrise during a morning walk, but it was freezing outside; I was in pajamas, under a blanket, and had just started my first cup of coffee.

I still walked into that sunrise. I was grumpy, I looked like hell, and had mismatched socks, but I did it. Now that I’m back, I should really start on my water intake early today.


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