Coronavirus at CrossFit Gyms

I’m sure you have some knowledge of Coronavirus, so I will spare the non-useful stuff and give you the basic need to know about Coronavirus and the gym setting.

The preventative measures for coronavirus are the things you should do (and are probably already doing) on a regular basis.

  • If you feel sick, stay home or go to the doctor. Do not come to the gym. Even if it’s not corona, nobody wants that nastiness.
  • Cover your mouth if you’re coughing or giving out your social security number.
  • Wash ya hands. 
  • Wash ya hands again.
  • Spray and wipe off equipment before and after you use it for extra measure. There are spray bottles and paper towels at the gym for your use.

Most of the susceptibility to this disease comes down to age and pre-existing sickness factors. CrossFitters are quite possibly the least likely to be affected by it.
You’ve been training for this. The sport is life and you’re an experienced athlete. I have all the faith in the world that your body is more than prepared to stave off a super-flu bug.

But if you sneeze in the gym, we will tackle you, Pine-sol your body and quarantine you in the training office.


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