Craig Hysell Will Change Your Mind.

It’s June 2017, I’m In Chicago for the Two-Brain Summit, eating lunch with some other affiliate owners. One of them is Craig Hysell. I have just met most of these guys and girls. We talked about anything and everything that recently made acquaintances do. There were smiles, burgers, and a few beers if I remember correctly.

Craig sat next to me during the summit before lunch. He’s a taller version of my build, extremely alive and friendly-looking, and he’s also wearing a shirt that says “Free Hugs”.

Yes, I have already given him a hug.

We return to the summit and the next speaker is called up to present to the 100+ leaders gathered in the room. It’s Craig.

He then proceeds to lay down the most massively moving #realtalk I have witnessed in person.

“When you chose to become a leader as a coach or business owner, you forfeited your right to be a victim. You’re in charge now.”

That quote is the excuse-killer for me. Time after time. Obstacle after obstacle. Setback after setback.

If I don’t have the progress in fitness I want because I don’t have accountability, I’m responsible for finding that accountability and then holding them accountable for keeping me accountable.

If I don’t have the financial security to afford the coaching, travel, and experiences that matter to me. It’s up to me to educate myself on finance and stop spending money on cars, big screens, and things I won’t take with me to the grave anyway.

If I don’t eat the right food to fuel my body to live a life that I want. It’s on me to cook and prep food or make a plan with a pro who will help me do that.

“Opportunity breeds motivation, success feeds motivation.”

The opportunities are disguised as problems. If I can act on them and get a quick success established no matter how small, I receive more energy to have another success over the opportunity.

You don’t need the motivation to act, you act to receive motivation.

After Craig concluded his talk the room rose to a standing ovation and applause. I hugged the shit out of him.


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