Day Too Busy? Do This.

If you start your day with good intentions but fall off the wagon when your schedule gets hectic, here’s what to do.

Win your morning.

If your day depends on factors out of your control like; kids, meetings, operations (for you surgeons), you have to win your mornings. Plain and simple. That can be unwanted news, but it’s good news because it means you still have control. The most consistent people are the ones who put their workouts, “me-time,” and mindfulness practices in the morning. It’s not because of their character; it’s because nothing has a chance to get in the way throughout the day.

Map out your day the night before.

If your mornings are locked in, or your struggle is with staying on track with food throughout the day. Take out a pen and paper and write out your day in short form. {Time + Activity} Only add your commitments, then look at the space between those commitment times. Add your activities within those spaces that you found, even if it’s just a few ten-minute walks.

For food, take out an app like Myfitnesspal and log the food you will eat tomorrow. If you know what your day should look like, then you know where your next meal is coming from. If you know that, you’ve eliminated the chance of getting off-track from poor planning.

Make your commitments with people, not goals.

If you “know what to do, but just don’t do it,” then your commitments are too thin. Add heft to them, make them more important by signing up for a class and telling someone you’re going and want to see them there. Will you let you down? Sure, but will you let your friend down who is counting on you to be there? Far less likely.

Personal training works wonders for people suffering from “I know what to do, but just don’t do it-syndrome.” Even our online clients meet us in our zoom room for personal training. Appointments reign queen because they hurt to miss. It’s the best way to build true accountability to stick to your plan.


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