You’ll Know if I was Good When I’m Dead

You won’t know if a trainer is successful until he’s dead.

Most trainers know that 98% of Instagram is B.S.

Most trainers can get you to lose weight.

What most trainers don’t know is WTF success looks like.

I’ll give you my success vision.

My client hires me, and we accomplish her goal of losing 18lbs and feeling like a college athlete again (just a little older and with some smile lines).

After two years of training, she moves away, starts a family, and raises two beautiful kids. Then she picks up her dream career, and ten years have passed since we met. 

Where is she?

Has she learned that her standards for herself determine her body and confidence levels? 

Has she retained the mantra “I’m an athlete managing a real life.” instead of “My athlete days are behind me. This is how it is now.”

Does she know that carving time to build physical resilience leaves just as big a mark on her two daughters as not making the time to take care of herself? Only one imparts self-respect.

Basically, my success doesn’t come with an “after photo.” It comes ten years from now. I may be dead before some clients’ stories pan out, but it makes me work hard on solving their “Queen Bee Problems” and not swatting at every little behavior or habit we can build but won’t serve them long-term.

I don’t sell sessions. I build rituals.

I don’t make diets. I ask questions.

I don’t teach movement. I coach humans.

What does ten years down the road look like for the people counting on you?


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