DO NOT Start with Why.

An increasingly popular way to pursue personal growth is to “start with why”, a phrase made popular by the Simon Sinek book.

But, have you really given “start with what” a fair chance?

“What” is powerful. It’s a vision. It’s creative. It’s “what do we deserve?”
“Why” is ingrained. It’s imprinted in our belief system. It’s “why must I pursue this and what happens if I don’t?”

Both are important. The folly is in the type of incentive they are.

“What” is a carrot.
“Why” is a stick.

Used alone, the “what carrot” produces undisciplined (unsustainable) achievement.

The “why stick” leaves us hungry and possibly injured. “What was the point of all the pain and effort to get here?”

Tie the carrot to the stick and you have the original incentive machine.

You need to be able to see your “what”. The “why” will keep it in your line of sight.

Chase On.


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