Doctors and Med Students, We Need To Talk.

Second-year medical students have a huge exam in May. Years of study and loans can ride on these exams. So, I get why med students hold off on their health, to “not add another thing to their plate” until after the exam, but it’s the worst thing that a potential doctor can do. Here’s why.

Think about you right now. Think of the reasons you want to become healthier.

Now, think of the version of you one month into the future that started changing today. Think of the things that will change when you commit to a simple fitness & nutrition routine. 

You’ll start feeling proud for making a decision instead of “putting it off.”

You’ll sleep better.

Since you’re sleeping better, you’ll feel more energetic and refreshed when you’re awake.

Your mental acuity will increase.

You’ll have less brain fog.

You’ll enjoy the social connections and the feel-good hormones that come with them.

You’ll want to keep the progress up, so you’ll drink more water and eat a little better. 

You’ll be stronger with less body fat.

You’ll begin googling things like meditation and new movements you’ve learned instead of defaulting to TikTok and Instagram so much.

You’ll have a routine.

You’ll be different.

Now, think back to the version of you right now. 

Which version would you rather have treating you?

Fitness will not take time away from you. It makes you better at making the most of the time you already have. It’s a path to re-organize yourself into your better self. 

Fitness makes you “fitter” to manage your world.

Who would you put your money on to pass that exam?


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