Doctors Don’t Know Everything.

Doctors don’t know everything. 

But they know a great deal about what they do. 

That’s why I won’t take double the dose of prescribed medications or prescribe my own treatment for a disease.

Most people I know don’t need another self-prescribed workout plan or resolution challenge in order to become lean, healthy, and tougher than David Goggins in the process.

They need a star in front of them, a predator behind them, and clarity on the next step forward. 

That’s it. Weird, huh?

A star is looking forward to the morning when it won’t hurt to bend over and put your shoes on, or to sit in a bathing suit without worrying about the pic your friend just took being posted.

A predator is the 2-3 big things you’re doing right now that if left unchecked, will take you down. It’s the vision of your future if you let your vices reign.

The next step forward is vague. It’s surrounded by fog for most of us most of the time. Clarity comes from someone who’s been through the fog. Clarity is a hundred or thousand-year-old discipline that comes to you through a trusted guide. It’s Merlin, your doctor who cares, your coach, your mentor.

And a good coach or mentor can create all three. A star to run towards, a tiger to run from, and a step that will take you closer to one, and further from the latter. 

If you’re having a tough time finding a star or wrestling a tiger, tag me in. I’ve got 20/20 vision and I’m good with cats. They love me. If you know what you’re after, and what you’ll never allow again, but can’t seem to keep traction, well, tag me in for that too. I give good directions.

I’m a DM away. 

I don’t know everything. But I know a lot about what I do.

Sometimes that means someone drops 20, 50, or even 100lbs lighter. Sometimes, it gets a man or woman in their 40 or 50s qualifying for events they couldn’t have made it into at 20 or 30. Sometimes it’s getting back to what matters and finding joy in yourself and your body again.

And if I do a good enough job, you’ll get what you want, with very little from me. 

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