Donny Shankle Weightlifting Seminar

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The seminar will cover the elements of becoming the best weightlifter you can be from the physical to the mental.

At the end of the seminar, you will learn (among other things) the Twelve Musts to apply to your lifting technique, proper progressions for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk and how to teach them yourself, principles to achieve optimum performance, subordinate exercises for variation and its importance, how to train and design your own program for your personal record results, how to prepare for a competition, and the psychology of a weightlifter.

“A huge impact not only in the way I approach lifting mentally but also how I coach others”

— Joey, Coach/Owner – CrossFit 9 Dragons




The psychology is commonly forgotten in seminars but it is important to learn how to get out of your head, lift with authority, and learn how to win.


“The simplicity in Donny’s training system encourages great lifting and confidence. Donny has a very broad training background in which he brings in influence from many different sources from his years as a competitive weightlifter. Donny has been one of the biggest influences on my and my weightlifting thus far.”

— Ben Chianchiano


The seminar will be a combination of lecture and storytelling, demonstrations, hands-on practice for technique and PR attempts, individual coaching, and video analysis of the best in action (subject to equipment availability).

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“I attended Donny’s seminar and then was coached by him for a 4 month period…he is an incredible coach and helped my not only PR all my lifts, but prepared me for my first weightlifting competition where he coached me through it and I medaled…It was an experience I will never forget— because of him, I’m motivated to continuing competing, including entering the World Masters Competition.”

— Randy Laxer


“Being coached by Donny has elevated my place in this sport I only dreamed of reaching”

— Ryan, Coach/Owner – Intrepid Strength & Conditioning


All attendees must bring a pair of weightlifting shoes and be able to do an overhead squat to full depth (hips below knees).

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About Donny:

  • 5-Time USA National Champion
  • Multiple World Records
  • Team USA Weightlifting
  • Olympic Medal Winner


Jan 21, 2018
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Only 8 Left
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