Fitness Is Preventative, but Only if We Can Get to You in Time.

We need fitness throughout our life but for different reasons.

If we can get you working out and playing sports at a young age, we have a chance to divert you from trying those pain killers, because you were too busy moving a kettlebell or kicking a soccer ball.

We can alter that road, so there are fewer off-ramps to type-2 diabetes or hyperinsulinemia, or other roads to negative outcomes like alcoholism, self-harm, and gang-initiation.

Prevention is done through elective dosing.
It’s when you don’t need fitness that you need fitness.

On the other hand:

When you need fitness, you’re only praying that it works.

When someone is placed on Metformin to manage their insulin, fitness won’t fix them that day. They need treatment. They need life-saving intervention.

But fitness can hopefully get their ass out of this.

Fitness then becomes part of their treatment and re-integration into saving their own life, because it could have stopped them from getting here if they had found fitness, OR if fitness had found them in time.

The goal isn’t to stop life from happening, but we know we can decrease the time spent in yellow on that line above, and hopefully, avoid preventable red spots that can take a person out.


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