FIx Uncertainty With Simple Math

The University here is filled with engineers who will proudly inform you that their skyscraper won’t fall down. It’s math. 

Right now, in my Gmail, there are four emails from educated adults unsure if they can lose this weight. That’s because there’s no math involved. 

We can manage what we track with math. 

We can be confident in what we manage. 

We can only predict with confidence. 

In the absence of math, we can avoid what we originally set out to accomplish. But just because we can’t be sure of something, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. 

The Closer.

Somewhere, a young kid was fascinated with bridges. He may have built them out of sticks and his mom’s sewing thread. Those stick bridges sucked but eventually went to a school where they gave him the math to make real bridges.

That kid grew up and made an indestructible beast that our city knew as the Broadway Bridge in Little Rock, AR. You know, the one that dynamite and couldn’t take down. 

-Don’t work out sometimes. Do at least 180+ minutes of working out each week. 

-Don’t eat “pretty good.” Eat 3 or more dinner-plate-sized meals that are at least 50% veggies each day. Have a treat meal twice a week.

-Don’t “try everything.” Ask a professional “Can you help me solve this problem? Please show your work.” 

Email me if you want some help. 

[email protected]

BONUS: Footage of the real #broadwaybridge


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