Friday, April 11th

Main – WOD

Front Squat + Push Press Complex (4 Sets )

5 Front Squats + 5 Push Presses
3 Front Squats + 3 Push Press

Increase weight each set as needed. Record the heaviest set that you were able to complete all 6 reps. Weight may be taken from the rack.

Just Thrusta Move (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Min AMRAP:
65 Thrusters
50 Dubs
35 Pull-ups
Rx =
Unassisted pull-ups

*Rx+ =
50 Unbroken Dubs
C2B Pull-ups

*20 Grasshoppers every time bar rests on the ground if you are going Rx+. Also, for Rx+ you must restart on Dubs if you are broken (no more than 3 restarts. At this time move on to the pull-ups).

Cash Out

Accumulate 90 seconds of L-sit on PVC parallettes

Rx =

Rx+ =
Turf + 45lb plate under heels


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