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The Gamberi Memorial Wod:

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The Gamberi Memorial Wod is a CrossFit Event to honor the 5 soldiers of the 101ST Sustainment Brigade that were killed in action April 16 2011. While serving in Afghanistan, their mission was to train the Afghan National Army in different aspects of military operations. They had been working with the Afghan National Army for about 4 months when the attack happened. A suicide bomber entered the building dressed as a member of the Afghan National Army during the morning role call and pulled the cord attached to multiple grenades. The bomber took the lives of 7 people that day, 4 of which were the soldiers from the 101ST Sustainment Brigade. The 5th died later that week at a hospital in Germany.


The soldiers:

SPC Joseph Cemper, 21

SPC Sunny Moses, 22

SGT Linda Pierre, 28

SSG Cynthia Taylor, 39

SFC Charles Adkins, 36.


These heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Let’s show our respect the best way crossfitters know how, with some blood, sweat, and tears.

This will be a 2 person team event hosted at West Little Rock Crossfit. There will be a $30 participation fee with all proceeds going to The Disposable Heroes Project. Registration will be open soon. Please follow our regular blog and the Facebook page for details.

The WOD:

* One partner works while the other partner holds a weighted dummy rifle.
5 Rounds for time:
4 Deadlifts: 315/185
16 Burpees
11 Back Squats 225/135
After the 5th round is completed you will do a 400 meter buddy carry.

* The Wod will be scalable and a gear prize will be award to the best time for male and female teams.

Facebook Page

For more info contact:

Jeff Jucha [email protected]

Jeff Thaxton-

Registration cost is 15$/person.


Register here:




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