Good vs. Slightly Less Good

We think food is either “Good” or “Good-For-You”

On one end, we see food that nourishes us but is bland or unfulfilling. On the other end, we see food that’s delicious, yet detrimental to health. That’s a very bipolar and stressful way to view food. The key to unlocking an impactful relationship with food is in the middle of those two endpoints.

Try this: Instead of telling the story of “I like/don’t like this recipe or dish.” Find the singular foods that make up your recipes and dishes. It’s easier to like sweet potatoes than it is to find a specific dish you will enjoy that has sweet potatoes, especially if you hate sweet potatoes. That’s why we go back to the basics and learn what foods we enjoy that also improve our health and body composition.

Explore and swap out different foods to hit your numbers. You don’t have to wait until you prepare something that isn’t edible to you. I recommend you mix and match even if you just feel like a change.


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