Gratitude Vs. Grasping. What’s Your Flex?

I hope Peleton sells a lot more products.

Not because I want children to get hurt.

But because of the people doing something good for themselves who otherwise may not have.

That’s odd for some trainers to grasp. Why wish well for the giant competitor who doesn’t share the world-saving values that you do?

Simple, It’s not about Peleton vs CrossFit or any other idea. It’s about the person feeling better each time they finish a session with us or one in their bedroom.

It’s easy to out-science Peleton. It’s harder to wag a finger at the sweaty introvert on my zoom call who’s moving daily for the first time in years.

The posture isn’t one of grasping, but one of gratitude for others accomplishing what I am accomplishing, no matter the brand or if it comes with batteries.

Was this a Peleton post or a vibrator joke? Who knows.


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