Honesty First

“But I don’t like vegetables.”

Well, I don’t like brushing my teeth, but I’d rather have friends.

Some Real Talk Around Choices

We think our problem sounds something like; “I like eating whatever, more than I like eating healthy.”

Wrong. The problem isn’t wanting the wrong thing. The problem is not knowing how to want something. We haven’t been deeply honest and prioritized as if we would die (or live) for what we want.

False: I want clean teeth.
True: I want my friends and colleagues to see a white smile while avoiding expensive cavities.

False: I want to be healthy
True: I want to enjoy my body. I want freedom from worry about disease. I want confidence.

Some will disagree with what I’ve said. That’s normal until you’re ready to acknowledge true statements originating from you. Good decision-making requires priorities. But those priorities should be built on a foundation of interior truth, free from dogma.

Honesty with yourself must come before trying to set your priorities in order.


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