“I know I should lift weights, but I don’t want to Bulk up.”

The most important thing for you to know about lifting weights and getting bulky is this:

“It’s really, really hard.” 

Getting lean and strong is simple. Eat well, lift weights, do it often.

I’ve done the “bulking up thing” and I swear there are more moving parts to it than a middle school love triangle. 

So, I’ll simplify as best I can. 

Get lean and strong.

  • Eat well. Reduce the number of processed food products and alcoholic drinks you consume.
  • Lift weights. This is not a negotiation. You can learn to move well and lift things the right way now, or suffer injuries from the slightest demands life will bring you later.
  • Sleep consistently. Six to eight hours is nice, but no one is perfect.
  • De-stress. Some people meditate or journal for five minutes each day. I prefer to pay a premium to take all my stresses and put them on someone else in therapy.


Get Bulky

  • Eat A LOT of really clean food. I’m talking about $250/week minimum at the grocery store per person. You have to eat a lot, but you can’t eat crap or you will just get fat and feel fat. Also, no alcohol. Your organs are busy enough handling the surplus of calories you taking in.
  • Lift Weights. The same amount as a person who wants to get lean.
  • Sleep A LOT. You need to get at least eight hours of quality sleep. A sleep-tracking device is the norm here. No dogs in the bed. Invest in blackout curtains. Set the temperature at 68F or below for the house. No staying out late. 
  • Destress. 2 words. Water Aerobics. Your joints take a lot of the brunt of this new weight you’re putting on. Try 3 flights of stairs weighing an extra 15lbs more than you did 4 months ago, and you’ll know what I mean. Really though, destressing protocols remain the same.

An even simpler way to put it. 

“If you’re someone who’s worried about bulking, you’re not a candidate for bulking.”

But you will get leaner and stronger following what I listed above. I’ll wager my last decade of teaching fitness on that.

Have fun! 

Selfish Plug: Book a No-Sweat Intro if you want to learn more.


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