I Used to be in a lot of Pain

“I used to be in a lot of pain.”⁠

That’s something I’ve wanted to be able to truthfully say for a while but couldn’t. ⁠

What got me to that point? ⁠
✅ Becoming sedentary. ⁠
✅ Working out less and less. ⁠
✅ Sitting at a desk. ⁠

I basically reduced the amount of time I spent doing CrossFit and increased the amount of what a “normal American’s day” looks like. ⁠

That’s how you get sick. That’s how I ended up with real, disruptive pain in my shoulders, neck, and back. It was destroying my mindset to be in pain ALL DAY. ⁠

When I came back to CrossFit. I couldn’t do half the work I used to. Jumping into heavy weights would leave me nursing “achy” joints the next three days. I was getting micro-injuries left and right that I never had to deal with before. As a client put to me so eloquently;⁠

“It sucks to go from stud to dud.”⁠

I needed individual attention to “fix my stuff.” I spent a lot of time (over a year) in doctor’s offices with some relief, but nothing that would allow me to get back to where I was. ⁠

Then I met @pfperformancept at a workshop he taught to my coaches for continuing education. I thought “I want to talk to that guy.”⁠

I started working with Chris only a few months ago for Physical Therapy and recently became a client of his programming. My warm-ups are made for correcting my specific issues. I get to workout in classes with the people I love because he writes modifications that won’t tear me down but actually reinforce recovery. It’s beyond a doctor visit. It’s coaching.⁠

I’m not going to tell you he’s the best. That’s too subjective. Everyone’s guy/girl/coach/gym is the best. ⁠

I can tell you, however, that today, I did 30 muscle-ups, 60 burpees, and 90 kb swings. (basically a butt-ton of workout)…⁠

and I didn’t feel any pain.⁠

If you feel like to person you just read about. You should message him. He has a clinic in Conway and here in Little Rock at my gym. ⁠


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