If You Haven’t Tested Yourself, How Do You Know What You Can Do?

How sure are you of the limits you haven’t tested yet?

This year I made a goal to read 50 books.

As of last Monday, I was sitting at 39.

Confident Jeff factored in enough reading time each week to finish a book every eight days, but what he didn’t account for was a new career, unplanned travel, and everything else life likes to do on a whim.

I thought reading a book each week would be pushing my limits.

But since last Monday (and my realization I don’t have 11 weeks left in the year), I’ve added four books to my running total.

Because I am reading them straight through in one sitting…they’re not little ones either. 

Until I saw a chance to test what I could make happen. I’d never sat down and really made an effort to read a whole book without breaking. But that’s what I’m doing. They took from two to four hours each. 

The greatest feeling of reading a book straight through isn’t able to tell someone else I can do it. It’s knowing that I can do a lot more when put to the test.

The CrossFit Open.

Going a full week with no refined food.

Lasting 10 seconds longer in intensity in a workout.

If you haven’t tested it, how do you know?

P.S. Kiefer Vaughn did a marathon row (42,195 meters) at the gym this past Sunday. Did he think he could? Well, who cares? Now he knows.


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