Imposter Syndrome?

Feeling like a fake? A farce? Like you’ll be found out? You’re not alone.

Imposter syndrome comes from the story we tell through actions. 

A person with imposter syndrome says:

“I’ve chosen the risk of becoming a new, better version of myself in order to improve the world around me. And I don’t know how that will turn out.”

The imposter says:

“I am exactly who you think I am.” 

Imposter syndrome is the ambitious baker who applies for a bank loan in the wrong color ink.

The Imposter is the butcher wearing a three-piece suit but is followed by dogs wherever he goes.

Imposter syndrome is the fear of other people’s perceptions outweighing the importance of objective truth in our heads. We all have it. All there is to do about it is to know who you are underneath it. 

And I hope, that propels you.


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