In the Beginning, Man and his Metabolism Were Created.

“This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move.”

Losing weight is frustrating, especially after 30. Shit changes, man. Your focus shifts from yourself to kids or a partner or a career. You get mild cases of rigor mortise the day after your workouts that used to be your warm-ups. What’s that? Gas is up and nuclear war looms? PANIC! Wait no, Panic is bad! I need to stop panicking. Why can’t I stop panicking!? …Adrenal fatigue.

It’s easy to explain away body struggles through stress, environment, and a changing body, and to a small extent, it’s true. But guess what. That reasoning is not useful. Because if it were true. There’s very little you can do about it. 

I contend something that I know is simpler and more true.

The power to change anything about ourselves lies in our choice to make and hold routines.

Answer me this. 

Why do the youths seem to be able to eat anything and never gain weight? Because they’re kids! Easy!

Now, what about overweight and obese youth? How about them? 

Doesn’t hold up well, does it?

So why do young athletes eat Mcdonald’s after every practice and away game and never gain weight? Duh, they play sports all the damn time. They have a routine amount of activity that consumes those calories. 

What about the gamer or DnD extraordinaire that doesn’t eat more than athletic teenagers but continues to fill out more than his peers? He doesn’t have routines installed that require energy or building muscle. 

One workout makes no one buff. It takes weeks or months or longer.

One burger makes no one fat. It takes weeks or months of burgers. 

It’s the routine.

I teach this stuff to my nutrition clients. I say “your stressors and genetics aren’t going anywhere. They will be there period, so you will learn from me how to make routines and choices that will make the difference regardless of stressors so you’ll be able to handle them in a way that builds you and doesn’t tear you down.”

The first step to building a routine like this that impacts you the way you want is to actually break one routine. Break the routine of avoidance. You avoid asking for help because if you change that might mean that you have to change. And guess what? You will change. That’s the point. 

Another newsbreak you didn’t want: You already change every day right now, just maybe not in the way you want. The only choice is to go one way that is intentional, or the other way is the land of regrets, and it comes with side effects that are already bothering you… because you’re still reading this.

I’ve got a program that we’ve built over 10 years of coaching human change. I’ve got two spots open for the right person that this post hit home with. You’d be working directly with me, you just have to promise to let me guide you and give me great feedback. 

Send me an email back with the text “talk to me” if you want in. 


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