Into Our Fifties…and Beyond!

We’ve accomplished some amazing things as a species this past century.


We: discovered penicillin, invented Rock and Roll, and even faked a moon landing.


Something else we’ve accomplished is the ability to live beyond manual utility and into the later years of being an observer.


But, is that a happy thought or a scary thought?


Some of us are happy to move a little less and take in more, in our later years. Some of us still want to keep the movement part. Staying and even becoming more active and capable beyond our wonder years is highly dependent on what we did the decade before.


At least 25% of my gym are considered “Masters” and rightfully so.


Cindy is in her sixties, and boasting a triple-figure weightloss PLUS, she is jumping rope, something that wasn’t happening in her 50s.


Chad has had two knee surgeries and regularly beats me at workouts. There aren’t many college-aged guys with his level of health and physique, the best part? He’s a totally normal guy with a 9-5 career as an attorney.


So, if we want to look better in our fifties than we did in our forties, and even our 30’s the question to ask isn’t, “What do I do?” We have that figured out for you; it happens to be a ton of fun, too:)


It’s “When do I start?”


The answer is now.


And if it’s not a now for you right this moment…


How about this moment?


Or maybe the one coming up?


You get what I’m saying.


Get in here:)


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