Is The Barbell For Everyone?

“This isn’t about burning as many calories as you can in an hour. If I wanted that, I’d make you do burpees for an hour, straight. This is about skill acquisition over time.”
-Coach Jeff.

The biggest indicator of whether or not someone has a good outcome in their fitness is whether or not they successfully integrate it into their routine.

I’ll share my secret with you. I’m baiting you by making fitness fun. We teach you new moves regularly and give you small targets to reach along the way to the long term things you want to do. Yes, squats are great, but have you done a barbell squat? Today you’ll learn how! Are barbells not your jam? We can show you the kettlebell squat or sandbag squat.

The tool itself isn’t the most important piece. What’s important is that you get in time with lots of different tools. Through this broad exposure we create, you not only burn calories, but you also become well-versed in moving, connect to your own body, and develop a practical way to improve your life through movement.

So yes, the barbell is for everyone, because learning new skills with new tools is for everyone.


You Can’t Get Abs

From doing one sit-up. You have to get reps in. Over many months. Possibly years. And if you want to really see them, you’ll start


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