It’s Time To Evolve

It’s time to evolve.

I remember reading magazines that told me I needed to “train 45 minutes of cardio each morning, and do a certain three exercises so I could look more like the people in the magazine. Of course, it could happen way faster if I bought the supplements in the ads.

“This is insane,” I thought. But that was the prevailing thought from 2007—2020. You got a better life by doing whatever sold magazines. Today, its whatever gets Tik Tok followers. Thank god that thought dying. 

The COVID Crisis forced people to evaluate what they really needed to succeed. 

“Okay, I no longer have the luxury of wasting money renting space and machines from gyms and fad workout programs. What do I really need to succeed?”

The number one thing most of us needed and some of us got during shut down- was clarity. Many of us put on the “COVID fifteen.” Some of us got in better shape and health while having little (if any) workout gear. I know, I was one of them, and I coached a lot of them.

If we performed an audit on ourselves, we would see that we have everything we need to work out, but that we lack heavily in motivation and consistency.

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Daily Lesson

It’s time to audit where you put your time, focus, and money. But more than ever before, you have the opportunity for a hard reset and an upgrade of your investment on what’s paying off. 

Let me know if you want to look at that with one of my professional coaches.

Action Step:

We’ll start your self-audit by checking your current state. What about yourself and the routine that’s building that self, that could change for the better.

Look in the mirror.  Don’t judge your body; instead, judge how you look at your body and talk about yourself. 1-10

 Pick a trusted advisor. Professional counselors and coaches work best because they have a standard to uphold. Friends who can be honest to you are the next best thing.  

Look at your energy. Don’t grade yourself on what you can do in a day. Grade how great you feel (or don’t feel.) 1-10

Solution: Sleep and food hygiene. Work with a coach to set up a sleep routine and small, realistic changes with your food habits that will pay off big.

Look at your routine. You’re body wants and desperately needs to move. 120-300 minutes per week is the goal. How consistent have you been in making those minutes happen? 1-10

Solution: Accountability. Set an appointment with someone you’ll have to answer to. Make missing that appointment hurt. 

Self-audits aren’t known for being fun, but they’re the first step in change. That step is, Honesty. 


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