WLRCF Performance Challenge

WHAT:   An 8 week nutrition challenge

WHEN: Wednesday Jan 2nd through Feb 26th 2013

WHY:  To lose fat, add muscle, feel great and live a longer, stronger, healthier life! 3 Winners of the challenge will receive a cash prize!

HOW:  Establish baseline data, follow “Performance Eating” guidelines, and then evaluate the impact of the challenge by reassessing data.

See details below to join the challenge.

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  1.  Sign up and pay with the following the payment link
  2. Take photos (optional)
  3. Take measurements
  4. Baseline workouts
  5. Pick up and fill out your score sheet
  6. Earn your score


1.  Sign up and Pay $40 via our secure payment form



This fee will be used for 2 things: 1/2 for covering the cost of hosting the challenge 1/2 for creating the money pool that the winners of the challenge will receive.

1st place = 50%

2nd place = 30%

3rd Place = 20%


We want to make this a fun challenge however, extrinsic factors such as money should not be your motivation. We want you to feel, look, live and perform better. These should become your long term motivators.

2. Take 3 photos (optional)

*photos are for your benefit and not required for the challenge. I HIGHLY recommend that you take beginning photos as a reference throughout the challenge and for comparison with ending photos after the challenge is over. IF you would like to give us the right to use the photos as testimonial, that’s up to you:)

  Take 3 photos of yourself: front, back, and right side or Brooke or Jeff can do this when taking measurements).


Men: Shorts, no shirt.                         Ladies: Sports bra and shorts.
Tips for accurate pictures:

-Choose clothing that shows your figure

– Save those clothes for the after shots

-Use the same room , clothes and lighting for the after shots as you did for the beginning shots.

3. Schedule a time to have your measurements taken.

This must be done by either Jeff or Brooke. Here’s what we need:

  1. Neck at Adam’s apple for men, neck at mid point for women.
  2. Circumference of chest at nipple height.
  3. Waist at belly button.
  4. Hips at widest point. That certainly includes your glutes.
  5. Right Thigh, six inches above the top of the knee cap.
  6. Right Calf at widest point.
  7. Right Forearm at widest point.
  8. Right Wrist where you wear your watch.
  9. Right Bicep equidistant between elbow and top of shoulder.
*When you sign up, you will need to schedule your measurement taking appointment with either Jeff or Brooke. This will take 10-15 minutes.

This can be done by email:

Jeff: [email protected]

Brooke: [email protected]

4. Participate in the baseline workouts.

These workouts will be the regular wod for Thursday 01/02/14 – Monday 01/06/14.

If you miss a day, you can make it up in open gym. Or on your own time.

You will have from Thursday 01/02/14- Saturday 01/11/14. We will repeat these workouts at the end of the challenge to determine your performance improvement.

* You may also do these wods before the challenge begins. there are 4 days of benchmark wods.

Pick up your score sheet at the box.

The score sheet is used for recording baseline workout data as well as your beginning and ending measurements. Brooke or I will help you fill out all the starting and ending measurements. You will need to schedule a time via email to have your measurements taken.

Jeff: [email protected]

Brooke: [email protected]

5. Track Your Food

We will let you know the exact amounts of the right foods you need to consume to keep your body getting leaner and stronger. We will update this as your weight changes.

WodifyWebTo track your nutrition, log into Wodify and use the journal option. Log your food intake for the day. Hit “request review” and we will keep track of your nutrition points on our end. If you do not eat correctly or do not receive points for that day, we will let you know and explain the reason as well as provide you with a path to correct your food intake.

You must record 3 days of food intake four different times:  Week 1, Week 3, Week 5, and Week 7. You may record your food intake and request our review as often as you like.

Need to know what numbers you are getting from your food?
Either use a free account on an online calorie/nutrition tracker (i.e. Livestrong/My Plate,  My Fitness Pal, FitDay, SparkPeople, etc.)

6. Earn that Score! 
We use a point system to track your progress and to obtain your final score. Here’s how you earn points:

  • Participation: 33% of total points
  • Login at the box, complete the daily WOD: 3 pointsWODify-595/day
    Not only do we want you to workout, we want you to tell us about it. Post on Facebook or our website’s Wod Blog and let us know how it went. You can even link your wodify account to do this automatically for you each time you workout.
    If you are participating in this challenge then your membership has already been updated to allow you to workout out on an unlimited basis.  This keeps it fair regardless of enrollment plan.  * you must log into Wodify and record your results in order to receive points.
  • Eat Clean: 5 points
    There’s no partial credit, either you ate right that day or you didn’t.  Toughen uppaleo-plate-1024x930  buttercup.
    Review the WLRCF Performance Challenge Dos and Don’ts to see what is allowed. *This is done by assessing the food intake required at the 4 required time during the challenge.
  • Body Composition Change:    33% of total points  *This is based off of your beginning and ending measurements.
  • Performance Change: 33% of total points This is based off of your beginning and ending baseline wod scores.

You must schedule your measurement appointment with [email protected] or [email protected] BEFORE the start of business on January 2nd.  Failure to comply will incur a burpee penalty of like…..1000 burpees.


Now that you know the rules, what’s the reward?  Besides improved health fitness, body composition and feeling great… MONIES!The money collected from participants goes into a prize pool.  It will be rewarded as follows:

  • 1st place wins 50% of the total pool
  • 2nd place gets 30%
  • 3rd place takes home 20%

How do I win?Winning is based on 3 factors:  points accumulated, change in body composition (as reflected in body measurements), and improvement in fitness (as measured by our testing wods).   Each criteria is worth 33%.

Let’s Do This!

Make you sure you do the following:* Sign-up by Close of Business Friday, December 31st.

* Attend our Paleo Potluck/ Challenge Kick-Off   on December 29th at 12:00

*Schedule your measurement appointment with Jeff or Brooke.

* Read and determine what nutrition category you fall into. (coming in email #2)

* Read the Dos and Don’ts of What to Eat.  (Coming in email #2)


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