Just Show the F*ck Up

When I don’t know what to do, I just show the f*ck up at the gym.

I don’t just show up. I “show the f*ck up.”

Because if I don’t know what to do, there’s probably a good amount of f*cks I don’t want to give. I’m probably out of routine. I slept wrong, ate too much junk, or got in a fight at home.

Obviously not a literal fight. No one puts this baby in a corner.

But the best thing to do is round up all those f*cks you don’t want to give, throw them in the car, drive to the gym and walk in the door. Because then, you can not give a f*ck there, but you’ll have changed your environment, and you can start laughing at some doofus thing I say at the whiteboard because I have no shame or manners.

You’ll have to be on guard or else you’ll crack a smile and someone will talk to you, reminding you that you’re on the mind of others.

You’ll accidentally work up a mighty-kids-meal-sized dose of dopamine and serotonin from actually engaging with society, weights, your body, and your spirit.

And you’ll have f*cked it all up and feel better by the time you leave.

And then, maybe the fight wasn’t over anything important. Maybe you’ll sleep way better tonight now that you’re tired. Maybe you’ll want to hold to your routine a little more tomorrow since you proved to yourself today that it’s not the end of the world to stick to a routine.

And you can do all of that while not giving a f*ck.

When in doubt, just show the f*ck up, and good things will happen.


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