Mel Robbins Talks About Trees

I listened to a Mel Robbins Podcast in which she talks about trees letting go of their leaves for fall. It wasn’t a bad listen, but you could guess the punch line. “Trees drop their leaves in the fall because they no longer serve the tree; you should drop what no longer serves you too.”

I like Madea’s leaf story better.

The leaves are changing, and I hope you all get a moment to enjoy them. I hope you let go of some of the mistakes you’ve made and the ruminations you focus on, so you can genuinely appreciate the leaves… and by leaves, you know I mean your mistakes and ruminations. 

Regardless of the metaphor for fall you like, having a reminder to let things go is Doctor Jeff-recommended…

Because somewhere, there is a doctor, and his name is Jeff, and he’s into philosophical hippy-dippy stuff like this.

Have fun. 

Enjoy the leaves today.


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